Week 17!

Pumpkin patch time! Also, broke into the 3-6 month clothes. They are a bit big, but don’t look too strange.

I can’t believe he’ll be 4 months old this next week! This time last year I had just discovered we’d conceived and was working on believing it. He amuses, delights, and amazes me daily.


Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars aired 10 years ago today, 17 - 18 October 2004
"Here’s how it lays out.  Are you listening, Staleek?  Grayza?  Wormhole weapons do not make peace.  Wormhole weapons don’t even make war.  They make total destruction.  Annihilation.  Armageddon.  People make peace.


ok, i stopped watching this show…but this gifset is awesome. i may need to reconsider. 

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She was always so strong and brave. I always envisioned her as this sort of Amazonian warrior. Invincible. Something I could never be. I was so jealous. (Felicity will always remember Sara because of her scar.)

One thing in favor of pre-YouTube fandom…

The need to download fanvideos to watch them.

I was struck with the desire to rewatch an old Fringe video I liked.  There are about a bajillion set to the song “Shattered,” but none are the one for which I was looking. :(

Week 16 (+1 day)

This weekend was the big trip from California to North Carolina for a friend’s wedding. Sebastian rode on four different planes; the whole trip lasted about 48 hours! Whew. He was great for most of it. A bit fussy on the last flight, but better than I feared. I do look forward to when he has his own seat though.

His hand-eye coordination gets better and better, and he is letting loose with some awesome babbles.

First World Problems

So we hadn’t planned on much travel with our baby.  Holidays especially were going to be spent locally.  Due to health concerns, my in-laws haven’t made it out to see the baby yet, so, okay, we are going out to New York for Christmas and there are worst things.  Now, my childhood Thanksgivings were always spent at my grandparents ranch with my full extended family.  However, my mother has been having a horrible time with her brother lately, as they grapple with ownership rights, so my folks are doing Thanksgiving in Denver with good family friends.

They’ve invited us to come out, too.  They will pay airfare and put us up in a B&B.  My brother will be there too.  Ugh.  We don’t want to travel, but it would feel wrong to go to the ranch during this rift and we don’t want to spend baby’s first Thanksgiving without family…

Secondly, we have been renting our nice 3 bed, 3 bath home from my brother for a low, pay-my-costs, rent.  We’d planned to start looking for a home closer to my job in late spring, once I knew I’d be back next year.  Well he’s just e-mailed to say he’s ready to buy a home in Chicago and needs to sell here, so he’d like us out by February or March at the latest.  He’s  offered to sell at original cost to us, if we’d like.  Ugh.

So I feel horrible kevetching… help: my parents want to give us an all expenses paid holiday, but we want to stay close to home to gorge on our starches!  Help: my landlord has given us a four month notice with option to buy at 2010 pricing and minimal fees…

I’ll just be over here in this corner feeling sorry for myself.